Aram is an Armenian-Californian transplant pursuing his passions of mathematics and dance at the same time. In math, he recently graduated with his Ph.D. in mathematics and currently works in the area of algebraic combinatorics. In dance, he was originally trained under David Grenke, a former principal dancer for the Paul Taylor Dance Company, at the University of California, Davis where he studied math and dance concurrently. After three years of dance at the university level, he left the dance world temporarily in order to work in the tech industry. He restarted dancing in 2014 and began to pursue dance more seriously since 2019. His current dance focuses in contemporary dance and vogueing. His choreography has been presented in California, England, France and Montréal. You can follow his mathematical and dance life on instagram @thecaligarmo or online at thecaligarmo.com


After dabbling in contemporary dance for a few years, I decided to participate in the Big Bang intensive because I wanted to push my dancing to the next level. During Big Bang we learned how our bodies functioned, how the choreographic process worked for ourselves and learned styles outside of contemporary in order to increase our movement vocabulary. The intensive was critical to my growth and drove me to new heights in my path as a dancer. If I were staying in Montreal for another year, I definitely would have applied to continue with the intensive under Stephanie.