Sadiya Lopinto


Born in Montreal Sadiya Lopinto received most of her training at Alberta Ballet and Edmonton School of Ballet. Starting at the age of 12 Sadiya was accepted into a professional program where she began intensive training in classical ballet. She completed her Advanced 1 evaluation in Cecchetti Ballet and her Advanced 2 exams in the Royal Academy of Dance examinations. At 17 she moved from her classical studies to graduate at Victoria School of The Arts. During this time she began to indulge in a more artistic focus. There she curated a solo, duet, and co-directed a group piece for her Dance 20 international baccalaureate class. At the age of 19 Sadiya moved from Alberta to Montreal to begin her training as a contemporary dancer. You can find Sadiya and on Instagram @s4diya and Facebook: Sadiya Elizabeth. 


"Big Bang has not only pushed me technically. But has taught me to be confident in myself as an creator. The formation gives you so much time to discover yourself as an artist and find your own language of movement. Stéphanie is unbelievably supportive and encouraging teacher who genuinely cares for her students. It was a pleasure having her as a teacher. The environment is very motivating because you are working with people truly honour and love their style/craft. At Big Bang you are surrounded by people with all different kinds of artistic backgrounds. Being in such a diverse environment has helped me become more adaptable. You get exposer to different styles and techniques that you come out a much more rounded and experienced dancer. I highly recommend Big Bang for anyone who wants to develop as both an artist and dancer".