Gisle Henriet 



Gisle, born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden, studied three years at the Cirkus Cirkör circus school in Stockholm and spent three years at the National Circus School in Montreal specializing in longboard, Korean board and trampoline . Upon leaving the National Circus School, in 2007, Gisle participated in the TRACES show of "7 fingers of the hand", a golden opportunity, which forced him to master several other disciplines such as the Chinese mast, skateboard, Chinese rings). In 2009, still collaborates with "The 7 fingers of the hand". He was a performer for three years on the show "PSY". Since then, Gisle has worked with companies such as, NORWEGIAN NATIONAL THEATER, THROW2CATCH, NORD NORD EST, LE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. He has also participated in a number of summer festivals and street festivals. He also performed during the Royal Variety Show and during the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics.


Jérémie Robert 


Jérémie Robert has been working in the circus arts for 12 years. Specializing in seesaw, Cyr wheel and character, he has given more than 2,000 shows with companies such as 7 Doigts de la Main, Circus Monti and Cirque du Soleil. In addition to his career on stage, he explores creation by being co-director and designer on various projects (Cirque du Soleil, École Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault, École Boulle, Circus Monti, WRD Circus Club ...). His willingness to share his passion led him to teaching in the professional world (Cirque du Soleil, Circus Monti, École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal, Artcirq) as well as in a context of social circus, leading workshops on 4 continents . These workshops were an opportunity for him to meet local communities and help young people in precarious situations.


Neil Sochasky

Impro Workshop


Neil Sochasky’s aesthetic interests lie in the relationship between ethics and action, particularly in how agency can effect personal and collective health. For more than 20 years he has worked as a performance coach in the fields of dance, theatre and circus, helping individual artists understand how to move more efficiently, communicate more clearly, surpass stubborn technical challenges or resolve chronic injuries. Neil has taught on the faculties of L’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, at L’École Supérieure de ballet du Québec, and as a guest at La Sorbonne, Concordia University and Ballet Divertimento. As a dancer he has performed works by Sylvain Émard, Dana Gingras, Christopher House, Ginette Laurin, and Andrew Turner, among others. He has been part of Canadian dance icon Margie Gillis’ legacy project since 2016, and in 2019 was invited to analyse, document and explore the technique and pedagogy of legendary teacher and dramaturge Angelique Wilke. His own choreographies have been performed in Paris, in Los Angeles, in Melbourne, and in Montréal.


Alexandra Spicey Landé


Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé is a Montreal choreographer, performer and dance teacher with over 20 years of experience, including 10 years as a choreographer. A major figure in Hip-Hop dance in Quebec, her passion for this art was born in the 80s when she was very young. Alexandra notably created the Bust a Move Festival (2005-2015), a major street dance event in Canada. At the end of 2015, she founded the dance company Ebnflōh whose mission is to create, produce and disseminate committed, authentic and innovative works, and to promote an original choreographic language rooted in the essence of Hip-Hop. The symbiotic relationship that she maintains with Hip-Hop culture in her choreographic work constitutes the very essence of her artistic signature.

Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé is also strongly involved in the transmission of urban dances and in the community. She is regularly invited to teach across the country and internationally. In 2018, she participated in the 11th edition of Transformation Danse in Montreal where she offered a creative laboratory spread over two weeks. Since 2017, she has also directed the urban dance component of the continuing professional education program in contemporary dance offered in Montreal by Stéphanie Decourteille.


Céline Richard-Robichon


Céline is a multi-disciplinary artist who comes from an extensive background in dance. Her path in dance consists of classical training in Ottawa, growing urban dancer in Montreal and evolving performer in Toronto. In Toronto, Céline performed in several Toronto Gadfly company productions, along with working on a number of television, movie and music video sets (Family Channel, Nickelodeon etc.). Céline is back in Montreal where she has recently performed with local artists like Marie Mai and Eli Rose all the while growing her multimedia/ choreographic practice. Her most recent piece, oui/ non, was presented by 100lux at la Tangente in April 2019. Céline spent this past fall touring with Montreal’s Tentacle Tribe company in Europe. She remains focused on her practice and connected to Montreal’s influential dance scene.


Martine Cherry Bruneau


Martine "Cherry Bruneau" is a formidable force in the world of urban dance. She felt challenged by waacking because of her freedom of expression. Since 2009, Cherry has been a member of the waacking group The Chapter, pioneer of unezero. Together, they organize many events, including the most important waacking battle in Canada in 10 years: Hot Mess!


Handy Yacinthe

Popping / Funk Style


Handy “MonstaPop” Yacinthe is one of the leading forces in building the current-day Quebec popping dance community, inspiring many across Canada and internationally. An innovative dance creator and experimenter in his own right. Montreal born of Haitian parents, he has toured throughout Canada, Europe and Asia performing on different stages, teaching, compet-ing, creating and judging dance contests. An educator of street dance, Handy just came back from Beijing(China), educating in a prestigious dance university. First and only triple winner of the strongly acclaimed dance competition Popping Forever based in Amsterdam(Holland) and Osaka (Japan), Handy takes the win in 2014, twice in 2017 and is a finalist in 2018. He also conceived the innovative Jack of All Trades multidisciplinary urban art festival, which held events in Singapore, Taiwan, India, Vancouver, Los Angeles and soon in Poland and France. He has coached contemporary companies such as Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal. Co-choreographer for the team Bluprint Cru in their participation at America’s Best Dance Crew and the movie Step Up 5; his choreographic skills were in the work of Franco Dragone and for the team The Brat Pack in Canada Got Talent. He was an artistic consultant for Danser Pour Gagner and is the creator of C4’s choreographic style, whom were finalist at Danser Pour Gagner and Révolution. In recent years, he has collaborated as a creator and performer with the Cirque du Soleil, Rubberband Dance, Just for Laughs Festival, Moment Factory and more. His work was presented on different stages such as La Cinquième Salle de Place Des Arts in Montreal, Phoenix Stadium in Arizona(USA), Stade de Bercy in Paris(France), Stadsschouwburg Theater in Amsterdam (Holland) and more. His goal now is to go back to the community where it all started, wishing to develop his international Jack of All Trades festival in St-Michel to inspire and empower the youth of that borough.


Jon Lachlan Stewart

Physical theatre


Jon is a bilingual director, writer and actor living in Montreal. He is artistic director of the Surreal SoReal Theater, as well as co-artistic director of La Fille du Laitier in Montreal. Her productions include Macbeth Mute (international tour), Jonathan le Goéland (coming to Fred Barry, with Théâtre Denise Pelletier), The Little Prince (Puzzle Piece and Crows' Theater in Toronto), Funny Girl (audience, with the center Segal), Miss Katelyn's Grade Threes Prepare for the Inevitable (Centaur Theater, January 2015) Before Her Time: 3 plays by Samuel Beckett, Shopping and Fucking, A Number, The Woman Before (all with the National Theater School), The Genius Code (Catalyst Theater, Edmonton, 2 nominations), Guernica (Hidden Harlequin, nominated for best direction), and Big Shot (On tour in French and English since 2008). Jon is a graduate of the National School of Theater in directing, and of Studio 58 in Vancouver, in performing.


Valérie Chartier 



Valérie Chartier has accumulated extensive dance experience for 31 years now. Throughout this journey, she is one of the elite dance schools she attends and participates in various productions here and in Toronto. In 2012, she presented her first solo using contemporary and krump at the first edition of the urban event, 100Lux. In 2010 and 2011, she was part of the distribution of dancers in the production Renézance, choreographed by Alexandra "Spicey" Landé (Productions Unkut), as part of the Festival Vue sur la Relève among others.


Finally, she immersed herself in the world of “street dance” (hip hop, break dance, house, waacking) in 2004. She met Pez aka Big Bzerk, who led her to discover a whole new style: the Krump. Taminator, which is his name of krumper, was then one of the first women to integrate the very first community of Krump in Quebec and in Canada in 2005. She also actively participated in the management of this young company which offers, courses, workshops, activities community and participates in several national and international events, video clips and short films and advertisements including the film "Sur le Rythme" (Nico Archambault) and advertising for ARTV.


She is passionate about being an example for all girls and women by showing them, through her implication, that they too are capable of dancing and making their place in this more aggressive style. This mission also led her to form the first all-female krump group in Canada: BuckSwans. The latter has performed at several events since its creation in 2011, including the renowned Ladies of Hip Hop 2011, 2012 and 2013 edition in New York. Valérie also gave a workshop there in 2012. She is also active on the competition scene here, in Toronto and in the United States (Los Angeles, Texas).

In this immersion in the world of urban dance, Valérie also studied waacking. She is part of the very first waacking community in Canada, The Imperial House of Waacking Canadian Chapter which performs on stage and participates in national and international competitions.


Phi Nguyen

Wushu et Chinese boxing

My approach combines techniques and exercises from different disciplines: calisthenics, ground work, gymnastics and Chinese martial arts.The goal is to enrich a varied body vocabulary but also to develop personal growth, through the culture, philosophy and values of Kung-Fu Wushu. which I aspire to, on the moral, ethical, educational and human aspect.


Françoise Lombard

Atelier méthode Dalcroze


Françoise Lombard is a musician, rhythmicist and listening teacher. A graduate of the Jaques-Dalcroze Institute and the Geneva Conservatory (piano, harmony), she first trained rhythm teachers in Bienne (Switzerland). She then undertook training in listening pedagogy (François Louche method), a discipline which she teaches in Europe and in Quebec to artists, teachers, educators and therapists. She lives in Montreal and divides her professional activities between listening, rhythm and composition.


Victoria Mackenzie



Victoria "VicVersa" Mackenzie is a Toronto-raised, Montreal-based dancer and choreographer. She has been breaking for 10 years, and is a graduate of Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montreal. She currently dances for Tentacle Tribe, creates her own work from time to time (her new work, "A/V" most recently performed at Breakin' Convention TO), and is an active member and event organizer for the Montreal street dance community. A sometimes teacher, she gives episodic workshops in Montreal and Toronto primarily focused on floorwork and groundmoves.


Sarah Buono Fredette

Yoga and meditation

It was first through dance that Sarah began practicing Yoga in 2009. Then, during a dance teaching internship in India, she adopted a more regular practice which had a drastically positive effect on her health. physical and mental.

Through her studies, Sarah Buono-Fredette has accumulated over 500 hours of training in Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa (IYF & FFY Accredited). She completed her first training in 2014 at Yoga Sangha, Montreal. Then, she continued her apprenticeship with advanced training with Sylvie Tremblay, Andrei Ram, Yogananth Andiappan, Laurier-Pierre Desjardins and Nadia Bonenfant; in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Advanced Hatha, Yogatherapy and SUP Yoga. In 2016-2017, she had the opportunity to teach several courses as LOLË Ambassador in Montreal and Paris. Throughout her career, Sarah has the opportunity to experience different teachings around the world; in India, Hong Kong, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, as well as in France and Sweden where she also teaches there.


According to her, the practice of yoga is a discipline that is of great benefit to everyone, but highly essential for artists practicing a physically demanding art form. Yoga offers a respite from the stimulated mind of professional dancers as well as a regenerative activity for their assiduously moving bodies. 


Noemie Plante



Pilates trainer. Full Peak Pilates, TRX, BodyArt and Air Yogalates certification

She graduated from the Verdun Circus School. She took a break from the circus following the birth of her daughters. Her desire to help her circus partners get back on stage faster after an injury motivates her to do her pilate training. She will be able to communicate her passion for movement to you.


Liliane Moussa

Anatomy and  analysis of the movement


Liliane a oeuvré dans le monde de la gymnastique comme athlète et entraîneur pendant une vingtaine d’années avant de compléter, en 2006,  ses études en physiothérapie à l’Université de Montréal. Depuis le début de sa carrière,  elle consacre sa pratique à la prise en charge d’une clientèle musculo-squelettique variée tout en s’impliquant particulièrement dans le traitement des artistes de la scène. Elle a notamment travaillé pour BJM Danse, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, l’École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec et Ballet Divertimento.


Dans l’objectif d’élargir ses connaissances, Liliane a suivi plusieurs cours de formation continue en thérapie manuelle (niveau 3), en techniques myofasciales, mobilisations neurales, contrôle moteur et kinésio taping. Suivant sa passion pour les arts de la scène, Liliane a également entrepris un Baccalauréat en danse de l’Université du Québec à Montréal qu’elle termine en 2012.  Elle partage depuis sa vie professionnelle entre la danse et la physiothérapie.


Elle approche la thérapie comme un moyen d’outiller ses patients vers une meilleure conscience corporelle et une plus grande autonomie dans la prise en charge de leur bien-être.


Maud Mazo-Rothenbuhler

Career development

Analysis of the movement

Ateliers d'échanges et discussions

Before completing a master's degree in dance (UQÀM, 2014), Maud Mazo-Rothenbühler obtained a master's degree in theater studies and diplomas in letters and history of the arts (France). Each function she occupies in the cultural field in Montreal comes above all from a desire to support artists, accompaniment, relaying stories and talents. For the past three years, she has held the position of Director of Communications for the dance producer and broadcaster, Danse-Cité. In 2012, she co-founded, wrote and hosted the criticism and radio show platform, Danscussions. Member of the Boards of the companies Patin Libre and Parts + Labour_Danse, as well as member of the Cultural Concertation Table of Plateau Mont-Royal, she also works in writing and communications support for many Montreal artists in dance, visual arts and circus mainly (Stéphanie Decourteille, Louise Bédard, Helen Simard, E. Suich, Cas Public, Throw 2 Catch, Patin Libre, Dom Bouchard and many others).


Maude Desjardins



Depuis sept ans, Maude enseigne l’Essentrics, un entraînement d'étirements dynamique inspiré de la danse. Le but de l’Essentrics est de créer un corps équilibré, de telle sorte que la force musculaire n’inhibe pas les mouvements mais plutôt qu’elle favorise la mobilité. Maude s’intéresse particulièrement à l’entrainement d’athlètes et à l’amélioration de leurs performances. Elle a pratiqué la danse pendant 20 ans, et elle tire de cette discipline une connaissance du corps et du mouvement qui lui permet de comprendre les besoins d’entrainement des athlètes de pointes. Elle a aussi enseigné la danse pendant plusieurs années et à elle a fait sa formation d’instructeure de Pilates. Elle a travaillé pendant quatre ans avec l’équipe nationale CAMO en plongeon et elle fait maintenant partie des entraineurs de l’équipe nationale de trampoline. Comme enseignante, Maude explore toujours les possibilités du corps en combinant plusieurs styles d’entrainement qui ont tous comme point de départ la connaissance du mouvement.


Gilles Plouffe



Membre de l'ACTRA, de l'UDA et de CAEA, Gilles Plouffe est un acteur expérimenté et bilingue qui pratique le métier depuis plus de 25 ans au cinéma, à la télévision et au théâtre. Il a débuté à titre d’humoriste en 1991, pour ensuite aborder le théâtre où il a travaillé en français et en anglais à partir des œuvres de grands écrivains tels que Shakespeare, Tchekhov, Henrik Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, Harold Pinter, Neil Simon, travaillant du style classique au contemporain, de la comédie au drame et à la tragédie.


A la télévision, il a été aperçu dans plusieurs annonces publicitaires de tous les genres au fil des années ainsi que dans de nombreuses téléséries telles que L'ÉCHAPPÉE, UN TUEUR SI PROCHE, LES RESCAPÉS, THE FOUNDATION, 100 FARCES, PRANK PATROL, JUSTE POUR TOI, CANADIAN CASE FILES, VIRGINIE, ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK, SCIENCE.COM, et OMERTA III.


En 2006, à Montréal, il a fondé les PRODUCTIONS RÊVES INTENTIONNELS, organisme à but non lucratif, propriétaire de PLATEAU THÉÂTRE où les acteurs peuvent à la fois pratiquer et perfectionner leur art, et monter des productions théâtrales et de séries-web.


Il est le fondateur de Studio d'acteurs GILLES PLOUFFE, une école de formation d'acteurs selon les principes de l'école réaliste, inspirée des grands studios d'acteurs new-yorkais.