Morning and evening dance classes in Montreal




Class warm ups are structured to awaken the body precisely and globally through a gradual flow, eventually leading the body to disassociate and isolate during accelerated movement. Travelling diagonals, jumps and turns are often included in the exercises that follow. Classes either end with a choreographic combination that varies in complexity or an explorative session and outlook on partnering.

In constant motion, minuscule, even when frozen, for Stephanie Decourteille, bodies explore oppositions. Between tension and release, between elongation and compression, the dynamic of mixing and sorting the body’s adventures is omnipresent. She believes each dancer possesses a connection to their center of gravity located around their belly button. This theory leads young choreographers to challenge their center by constantly moving it throughout the entire body where one can discover new sensations, new movements and textures of movement that have not yet been tamed.


Stephanie Decourteille conducts her research through a complex development of an evident ease with execution. Facing the challenges of our body’s daily movements, surpassing what is only natural all the while transforming this new “unnatural” movement into something that is yet very nature.



Contemporary ballet barre is practiced in order to align and awaken your body on a daily basis. This practice is enjoyable and disciplined, while focusing on technical and dynamic development. Stephanie is a trained professional in both ballet and contemporary forms of dance. She has created this method of teaching and training to cater to the well being of a dancer's body. Dancers improve their physical awareness and strengthen their abilities.


The barre is a reassuring and reliable partner. It supports the body and its physical effort during sequences. Stephanie Decourteille recognizes the refined structure of a ballet class while combining it with the vibrancy of contemporary dance. The class explores placement, flexibility, grounding, turn out, pliés, rond de jambes, port de bras and the grace of a ballerina. This work is combined with opposite forces, counter balancing, off balance, isolations, the release along with an attention to the roundness of curves and contractions. Contemporary ballet bar is a new language  for the body ,where muscles must adapt. It is great training for dancers and other athletic practitioners.


Stephanie Decourteille's goal with this practice is to help dancers deepen their skill in any given style. Always honouring freedom of movement and maintaining the integrity of expression.



FROM 09/09 TO 27/11



10 to 12am

Contemporary Dance

Adv. (Technical classes) 


10 to 12am

Contemporary Dance

Med/Inter.  (Technical classes) 


11.30 to 12.45pm

Contemporary Barre Ballet 

Adv. (Technical classes) 


10.30 to 12am

Contemporary Barre Ballet 

Med/Inter.  (Technical classes) 

Due to COVID, all morning classes will be online. To register, please complete the registration form indicating your choice of classes and fee formulas. Once your form has been sent, please make your payment by Interact transfer to An email will be sent to you to confirm your registration. You will then receive by email, 30 minutes before  each class, a clickable link to access the class.

1 online class: 10$

6 online classes: 54$

12 online classes: 96$

24 online classes:  168$

No refund will be possible. Receipts can be provided to RQD membersto ask for a dancer training support Programme


Please note that the evening classes will start when the sanitary instructions allow it.

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