Intensive training in contemporary dance

This 4 month intensive training program, consists of 357 hours of technical dance training with daily in contemporary, contemporary ballet bar, acrobatics and urban dance classes, in tandem with special focus workshops including anatomy, movement analysis and seminars in critical subjects in dance. In addition to its curriculum, BIG BANG fosters creative exploration and individual artistic research-creation laboratory where artists also use the time in the intensive to reflect, research and produce a solo or collaborative work in a stimulating environment, much like in an artist residency. Artists are given the opportunity to perform their work in a public showcase at the end of each session.

Who should apply ?

This training is suited for artists ages 18 and over. Rooted in its transdisciplinary curriculum, it is inclusive to dancers, performance artists, circus performers, actors or any other individual with a physical and artistic practice. Whether you are self-taught or have previously completed a training program, only artists with a solid and developed technical approach to dance, or a mature physicality and an evident ease and understanding of movement will be admitted into the program. BIG BANG is a dance training program open to foreign students.


What are the educational objectives?

The BIG BANG team focuses on supporting artists in acquiring a solid technical toolkit in dance, opening up and learning a valuable artistic, cultural and interdisciplinary approaches around the body in motion. Throughout the duration of the program, artists will confront their personal technical and physical challenges. Seeing these challenges through will allow the artist to progressively and naturally let go, and enable them to be fully connected with their body, the sensations and the emotions that arise throughout the process. This element of authenticity will allow artists to listen to their instincts and recognize the creative freedom and trust in their process. Through questioning, exchanges, and personalized accompaniment, the artist will develop artistic maturity and their own signature body language.


What is the content of the training?

The BIG BANG curriculum includes technical dance classes (contemporary dance, contemporary ballet bar and urbain dance), partnering workshops, floor work, improvisation, choreographic exploration, contact-improvisation, choreographic creation, research and writing labs, workshops in anatomy and functional body movement analysis, discussion panels and workshops addressing various subjects in the dance world.


What is the schedule?

The entirety of the program involves 357 hours of classes, divided into 4 modules during the span of 17 weeks. Each week of training consists of 20 hours of classes and workshops, Mondays thru Thursdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Each module entails 90 in class hours. The course schedule is structured to allow artists to manage their other responsibilities and jobs, all while taking part in an extended program that is both personalized and demanding.


What are the dates of the next programs?


JANUARY 11  TO MAY 7, 2021


Module 1 : January 11 to February 5 

Module 2: February 8 to March 5 

Module 3 : March 8 to April 2

Module 4 : April 5 to May 7




Module 1 : August 23 to September 17

Module 2 : September 20 to October 15

Module 3: October 18 to  Novembre 12 

Module 4 : Novembre 15  to December 16

NOTE : Each of the program’s modules are progressive. The course level will intensify from one module to the next. Depending on your level and individual needs, it is possible to attend only one module throughout the program’s duration. If and when you are selected, the choice is to either attend the program’s entirety or to begin at the time of a later module. Artists who choose to participate in all 4 modules will evidently accomplish a wider variety of knowledge and skills set then one who chooses to attend only one module.

Where is the training held?


All classes and workshops are held at  5000 Iberville (door 312) in Montréal. The space is 2000 square feet and includes a dressing room, a kitchenette, a study room, a bathroom, a relaxation space/mezzanine and a dancefloor of 1300 feet covered with an Harlequin dance floor.


What are the prices?


- 598$ tx. incl. per module to attend 4 modules (2 384$ for the 4 modules)

- 715$ tx. incl. per module to attend 3 modules (2 145$ for the 3 modules)

- 812$ tx. incl. per module to attend 3 modules (1 624$ for the 3 modules)

- 925$ tx. incl.  to attend 1 module 


NOTE :Stéphanie Decourteille Danse is a recognized educational institution. Students who complete the training may be eligible for a tax credit for tuition fees they have paid. 




A video-audition process is now possible. 

Send your resume, along with a letter of intent, a video of a dance improvisation (less than 2 minutes long) and a video of choreographic creation that is no more that 5 minutes long


before April 30th, 2021

(Taking into account the circumstances, it is evident that we will accept videos filmed inside your houses).





Krump: 7Stars

Contemporary dance Alexia Martel

Respiration, voix et mouvement : Be Heintzman Hope

Waacking: Black Kat et Lady Deva 

House: Dominique Sophie  

Hip-Hop: Mélanie Kurlz IKG  

FreeStyle: P.A.X 

Breakdance: Sovan Rochon-Prom Tep 

Popping / FunkStyle: Venom 

Accompagnement de classes / musique: Guillaume Biron 

Accompagnement de classes / violon: Marie-Pierre Lippens 

Dramaturgie / clown / voix : Jean Daniel Senesi 

Flexibilité: Itzel Viruega 

Kalaripayattu : Laurie-Anne Langis 

Théâtre: Serge Mandeville 


"First of all, I was trained in circus. My path has quietly deviated towards dance. My questioning about my practice and my relationship to the movement led me to Stephanie's classes first and then to BIG BANG.  I wanted to progress technically, to flourish and to put myself in danger. The accompaniment, the openness and the rigor that Stephanie offers allowed me to develop myself as an artist. Sharing experiences in a small group, being surrounded by artists with different backgrounds inspired me and stimulated me a lot".

Pénélope Quevillon

Big Bang Graduate - Programs 1 et 2 





2020/08/24 to 2020/12/18

Antonin Desmarais

Audrey Sargent

Cachou Trudel-Langevin

Florine Gall

Laura Borello Bellemare

Samuel Terzis

Sarah Lafortune

Thibault Ayrinhacz



2019/08/26 to 2019/12/19



2019/01/14 to 2019/05/09

Aram Dermenjian

Sophia El Iraki

Lauranne Faubert-Guay  (+)

Thaïna Rosinvil

Etienne-St Pierre

Maia Thomlinson (+)

Rameez Karim



2018/08/28 to 2018/12/16

Sophia El Iraki

Gabriela Jovian-Mazon

Lauranne Faubert-Guay  (+)

Camélia Letendre

Etienne-St Pierre

Pénélope Quevillon



16/01 au 04/05/2018

Be Heintzman-Hope

Chanel Cheiban

Chelsea Chen

Shanyca Eli-Leconte

Thaïna Rosinvil

Pénélope Quevillon

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