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Pedagogical approach

The technique which Stephanie teaches can be defined as contemporary, demanding, quick, circular and fluid. The ground and surrounding space are fundamental tools. Class warm ups are structured to awaken the body precisely and globally through a gradual  flow, eventually leading the body to disassociate and isolate during accelerated movement. Travelling diagonals, jumps and turns are often included in the exercises that follow. Classes either end with a choreographic combination that varies in complexity or an explorative session and outlook on partnering.

Much more then a simple class structure and teacher development, Stephanie Decourteille develops a true philosophy on dance and teaching. Convinced that dance is a way of living art daily with the body at any age, she applies her expertise and choreographies towards dancers in training. Stephanie works closely with dancers, actors, circus artists and figure skaters. In order to motivate the body to perform to its full capacity, Stephanie pays close attention to detail. While observing both globally and individually the figures in front of her, she studies the pathway of movements, placement, coordination which is where she also evaluates the body’s state and corrects to adjust the body in relation to the imposed series of movements. She has the ease of adapting to every level. In a beginner class, her desire is to portray the fun in dance; in advanced classes, she wants to share her energy and experiences as well as accompanying and guiding these artists in their personal goals within the artistic realm. Each class is built to combine fun, dancing movement, discipline and learning. Dancers become present amongst their own selves, the space around them and their evolution in dance where they are sure to experience both the vulnerability and strength behind their growth.

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