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Professionally trained in both ballet and contemporary dance, Stephanie Decourteille has achieved the artistic role of instructor, choreographer, dancer and artistic counsellor. Throughout her years of training and acquaintances with leading heads in the scene (Rudy Bryans, Corinne Lanselle, Bruno Agati, Manon Barbeau etc.), she defines and tirelessly reinvents her signature choreographic style. "Vertiges", her first danced solo and short dance film reasoned the recognition from her peers and fueled her international visibility. Known for her individualistic movement both spirited and physical along with her strict teaching, she has been invited by many choreographers and artistic establishments to teach master classes, training and perfecting classes for dancers as well as workshops and intensives. She has worked multiple times amongst the contemporary community as well as bringing a taste of her signature art to the circus and urban dance scenes. Her latest accomplished teachings were at the Ballet Preljocaj in France and with the dancers of Rhapsody's Cie En Dance in New York City.

Established for over ten years in Montreal (Canada), Stephanie teaches daily contemporary dance classes which range in all levels. She also teaches Ballet Contemporary Barre classes a training method created by the merger of her skills in ballet and contemporary dance where dancers can learn to distinguish and fusion the technicalities of ballet and contemporary dance.

In November 2015, Stephanie left Montreal for Guadeloupe (FR) to create a new dance center in Basse-Terre named LE MA - MOUVEMENT ACTUEL. LE MA was a dance training center, an international platform of multidisciplinary artistic exchange and research, a space of research and creation.  She also supports professional and amateur artists by offering master classes and weekly classes in Montreal. Since January 2018, by creating BIG BANG an dance program in contemporary dance, Stéphanie welcomes artists who wish to improve their and technical and artistic skills.

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